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The Future of Commercial Phones

Since delving into the world of Telecom, things have moved quickly.

I was talking to Tim last week about the system in which we submit our PRI's (a commercial, physical phone system) and he basically told me "they've already come and gone". It's wild and true.

Since last summer, clients have simply not been interested in PRI's nor are they economically feasible for most businesses any more. Times are changing quickly.

At one point, PRI's were the latest and greatest, and now they have gone the way of LG flip phones in a matter of years.

The new solution?

Replacing the traditional PRI is SIP - which are internet phone lines.

What is an internet phone line?

An internet phone line simply runs your number through the internet instead of a physical base, like a PRI does.

What do I need for an internet phone line?

The biggest investment when considering an internet phone line is reliable, high-speed internet. Depending on your location, Pure Fibre internet is the creme de la creme of internet, but a traditional ADSL internet does the trick perfectly as well. Before committing, we ensure that a reliable and high-speed connection is available to your location.

What is the investment?

Through TS Communications, we offer different internet options and speeds - starting from $40 depending on the type, speed and contract length. The bonus of an internet phone line, like SIP, is your internet can be used for your typical business work AND your phone line - instead of investing in a full phone system, you may already have invested in great internet or could be looking for an affordable but effective upgrade.

What does your business use? Looking for a simple, effective upgrade? We would love to connect!

Team TS

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